Cup Noodles Review

I got a box of cup noodles because for some reason I though you could microwave the cup. Turns out no. Microwaving styrofoam is bad. So I had to boil water first and add it to the cup. Fuck that. The point was not having to use the stove.

So what do I do? Bust the cup open and put the noodles in my favorite mug. The cup shaped noodle fit perfectly. What a crazy concept. Cup noodles fit in a cup.

Filled it with water and microwaved for about five minutes. They were okay. I mean it’s microwaved ramen. Vaguely chicken flavored salt noodles.

What I learned from this is they need to make plastic wrapped cup noodles. Instead of a block like normal it’s the cup shape and fits in my cup.

Final rating: Cup deez noodz/10