Magic Origins Set Review Green Highlights

Nissa, Vastwood Seer / Nissa, Sage Animist

“…search your library for a basic Forest”

Wizards please. Nissa wouldn’t be that broken if she could grab shocks/duals. I understand that worry but she should either grab non basic forests, too, or put the basic forest into play.

Woodland Bellower

“…nonlegendary creature…”

Booo, Wizards. Give me broken green things.

But what good could it grab? Course of Kruphix, Deathmist Raptor, Fleecemane Lion, Hornet Nest, Reclamation Sage, and Savage Knuckleblade.

That’a fair amount of good things. At first I didn’t think it could grab anything relevant outside of Courser and Deathmist. But Fleeceman is a solid aggro/midrange card. Hornet Nest says “Now you have to deal with an annoying attacker and blocker and potentially more of both”. Reclamation Sage is just good toolbox. And Knuckles could just be neat in a RUG rampy midrangey thing.

The Great Aurora

Did you know I’m a filthy casual? Because I’m a filthy casual. And as a filthy casual this card is great. I want to build around this in standard with like 35 lands and then a ton of ramp and huge things.

This is also going into my modern Warp World deck because I’m a bad person.

Animist’s Awakening

What is this? A Genesis Wave for lands? It’s hot. I doubt it’s standard hot but EDH/kitchen table is going to love this card for years to come.

Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen and Sylvan Messenger

Elf tribal in standard? I’ll take it. Especically with Shaman of the Pack.

Evolutionary Leap

I heard some people talking shit about this card and it makes no sense to me. Got a useless mana creature? Turn it into a Siege Rhino. Creature about to die? Turn it into a Siege Rhino. Ruin your opponent’s card advantage attempts by blanking their removal all game. Any time your creature is about to die or be exiled or whatever, just turn it into another creature. It’s random and could end up without great value but better than nothing.

Herald of the Pantheon

GBx constellations maybe become a thing again? Turn three Eidolon of Blossoms seems fine to me. Do that into turn four double Course of Kruphix. Gain all the life, draw all the cards, and attrition out your opponent.

Nissa’s Revelation

This is another one of those cards that likely won’t see standard play but will surely be in every green EDH deck forever.

Draw a ton of cards? Check.

Gain a ton of life? Check.

Big and green? Check.

Right now I have Surrak EDH built for example. It plays Worldspine Wurm because obviously. I’ll be more than happy to gain 15 and draw 15 off one card.