DTK Standard: Michael Villavicenci’s Mardu Dragons

Michael Villavicenci took Mardu Dragons to the top eight of this weekend’s SCG Open.

I haven’t seen a Mardu dragon build yet so it’s neat that someone topped a big event with it. The deck is midrange-y, combo oriented, and more or less a pile of good cards.

With 10 dragons in the deck Draconic Roar can reliably be a Searing Blaze. This goes stupid good with Soulfire Grand Master, by the way. Shoot a creature, shoot your opponent, gain six. Total of 12 points of off just a four mana investment. Add 2RR to that and you keep the Roar for another shot.

The only thing that surprises me is I usually see decks with Soulfire jam as much burn as possible. This deck only plays the Roars, a set of Crackling Doom and a single Kolaghan’s Command. No Lightning Strike or Stoke the Flames.

It has plenty of removal though. 11 spells and can be reasonably cheap enough to buy back with Soulfire. Then in matches that don’t need so much removal, the sideboard is there with Elspeth, Sun’s Champion.