Modern: Restore Balance

Time Spiral brought with it a number of exciting cards, mechanics and throwbacks. One card in particular fits into all three categories! Restore Balance is a throwback to one of the least balanced white cards in Magic’s history, Balance. Now, while Restore Balance has the mechanic Suspend on it I find it hard to believe that this deck actually wants to spend a mana to do so. The basic strategy of this deck is; suspend a bunch of creatures, empty your hand as fast as possible while putting few permanents into play, and then cast a cascade spell into Restore Balance.

There have been a few notable players in recent years who have showcased a similar deck to this one. The lists they looked at were built around the Borderpost cycle and used Planeswalkers as their win conditions.

MTGO user Shultzl’s take seems to be much more straightforward and focused, two things which I like my combo decks to be.

Another nice thing about this deck is the cost. A good chunk of the cost is tied up in the four Leylines of Sanctity in the sideboard; a card which is conveniently being reprinted in Modern Masters 2015.

So if you like blowing up your opponents board, playing one mana* 9/7s and cheap modern decks then this might just be a good option for you!