Birthing Pod is dead! Long Live Birthing Pod!

Recently an MTGO player with the handle MeanMrMustard went 4-0 in a Modern daily with this interesting Bant blink deck.

// Meanmrmustard (4 – 0)
// Modern Daily #8022245 on 2015-03-02


MrMustard played an impressive 10 mana dorks in this deck in the form of 4x Birds of Paradise, 4x Noble Hierarch and 2x Wall of Roots. The games where you start with a turn 1 mana dork are much easier than the ones you don’t so playing as many as you reasonably can makes sense. Wall of Roots may not come down on turn 1, but it does power up your Chord of Callings and also helps you cast your bigger spells faster.

Next up is 4x Kitchen Finks and 4x Wall of Omens as some cheap creatures that give you value and get nutty when you have blink effects. Wall of Omens is particularly nice as it digs you towards your more powerful cards while also buying time against the more aggressive decks in the format. Thragtusk joins the party as an incredibly powerful 5 drop that when paired with Venser is lights out for any fair deck in the format. The most interesting inclusion in my opinion is the three of Stonehorn Dignitary. There are some decks that can’t handle the combo of Dignitary and Venser, and those that can are still drastically slowed down by it.

As this deck does play the four full Chord of Calling it is also able to play a small suite of one-of creatures. We see the Archangel of Thune/Spike Feeder combo as a way to gain infinite life and make your creatures infinitely large in addition to a Spellskite and an Eternal Witness to tutor up as needed.

Lastly we have Venser, the Sojourner and Restoration Angel. Venser lets you get extra value from your come into play effect creatures while also representing a way to let your ragtag team of creatures attack through even the most formidable of boards. Restoration Angel has a resume of success too long to list and fits perfectly into this deck.

The manabase looks solid, with plenty of untapped green sources to ensure that you can cast your turn one mana dork. The sideboard appears to be a smattering of combo hate and additional toolbox creatures.

This deck looks like a blast to play while also having a great game against the fair decks in Modern. I’d imagine it struggles a bit with combo decks, but that’s nothing a little tuning and a few extra Chord of Calling fun-ofs can’t fix!