MTGDTK Spoilers: Atarka’s Command

It looks like Skullcrack is back and ready to wreck Rhino players.

MTGDTK Atarka's Command

Atarka’s Command RG
Choose two:

Your opponent’s can’t gain life this turn.

Atarka’s Command deals 3 damage to each opponent.

You may put a land card from your hand onto the battlefield.

Creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain reach until end of turn.

Now sure, Skullcrack stoppe damage prevention but that’s not likely to matter. What matters is hitting your opponent for three and shutting off Rhino gains for a turn. And sure you have to play green, but I was going to do that anyway. This is just more reason to bust out the RG aggro with Heir of the Wilds and Flamewake Phoenix.

The ramp part is probably the worst but it’s not completely useless. Accerate in the early game and dome for three. I’d prefer that ability be a full Explore but this isn’t Magical Christmas Land.

And then to go along with the GR aggro, a mini sorta Overrun. Again, I’d like a little more out of it like trample but whatever. It’s still a way to sneak in tha tlast little bit of damage or take board control.

This is likely going to be played through its entire life in Standard. Maybe even see some Modern play.