Fate Reforged Spoilers: Jeskai Barricade and Ambush Krotiq

Fate Reforged Jeskai Barricade

Well if this isn’t a whole bunch of utility, I don’t know what is. Block with creature, flash in Barricade, bounce creature. Play creature with enters the battlefield ability, bounce with Barricade. Creature about to get spot removed, flash in Barricade. Flash in Barricade to block worst case scenario.

Fate Reforged Ambush Krotiq

And then there’s Ambush Krotiq which you can do similar enters the battlefield ability tricks with except it’s a 5/5 trampler. So you get all the value you want and get a big bashy smashing creature instead of just a wall.

I don’t know how high of a pick either of these are but they’re definitely not last.