Fate Reforged Spoilers: Wild Slash and Arcbond

Fate Reforged Wild Slash

So Shock is back. Kinda. Technically better. It’s not very exciting though. Not that it’s bad but it would be far more exciting if it mimicked Galvanic Blast instead. Maybe Wizards didn’t want a repeat of Pro Tour Dark Ascension where Kibler triple Galvanic Blasted Finkel.

Fate Reforged Arcbond

Arcbond is neat. I don’t know if it’s going to be good but it’s one of those weird kind of cards that’s gona combo with something someday. Obviously there are Stuffy Doll shenanigans but I mean relevant things in Standard. It’s a neat response to Anger of the Gods, offensively or defensively. Burn out a RGx monsters player’s board. Block a Siege Rhino and Arcbond the blocker before damage to get rid of an Abzan player’s entire board including Sylvan Caryatids.

Also a neat trick to counter it is [card[Deflecting Palm[/card]. Since the creature is dealing the damage Deflecting Palm will prevent all of it and send it to your opponent’s dome. On a full board, that’s probably more than lethal.