Into the Arena: Rogue’s Misstep

Arena time! Okay, so I’m not really any good at Arena, but it’s still fun. My average is 5-3.
My three class choices are Priest, Hunter and Rogue.

Well Hunter is out the door because I refuse to play it, is that dumb, sure why not, but a man needs principles, and all of mine revolve around silly shit like this. Haven’t played much Priest, it’s all right. I’ve played a decent amount of Rogue so lets give that a shot!

Wooo Epics for the first pick. I take a Faceless Manipulator over Molten Giant and Southsea Captain. I happen to get an Epic pick on the 20th pick as well, Molten Giant over Doomsayer and Mountain Giant. The rest of the deck turns out okay, maybe? Meh I can never really tell until I actually play it. The curve looks alright at least.


Onto game one!

It’s a Mage, and I’m playing second, opening hand is a bunch of 4’s and 5’s. Throw it all back!

New hand is better. This is a pretty good game, lots of trading though that seems to be the case in this game. At one point I mess up and play Molten Giant into Duplicate because I didn’t notice they had played a Secret, but luckily I drew the Manipulator the next turn. The game ended after they killed my Ambusher, returning my Giant, and I was able to play Boulderfist Ogre, a free Molten Giant, and Blade Flurry to clear the enemy’s board. 1-0

Game two is against a Priest. I play second again, and end up tossing it all back. New hand isn’t that great but oh well. Enemy ends up playing two Dark Cultists fairly early, and all I have is a Chillwind Yeti, some smashing and Eviscerating happens and then I’m left with and injured Yeti and a Geomancer, Holy Nova cleans my board up. The game drags on a bit, Lightwell is pretty annoying. I concede the game at 7 health with a frozen Molten Giant, and a Manipulator that’s a copy of the Giant. Not sure really what happened, they got ahead and I wasn’t able to catch up. 1-1

Game three is against a Druid, I’m playing first and again throw back my entire opening hand, the new hand is just as bad. I’m able to keep most threat off the board and attack with a Twilight Drake until they play a Sunwalker. They use Sunwalker to kill my Questing Adventurer which allows me to kill it with Boulderfist. They clear my board with some trades and a Wrath, and I bash my face into a Stanglethorn Tiger to kill it, and let me play a Molten Giant on the cheap. I win after playing Faceless Manipulator on my Giant and passing, they’re at 17 If they Shapeshift they have lethal next turn, luckily they just play some irrelevant stuff. HOORAY LUCK! 2-1

Game four Shaman. Play second, throw it all away.

There are some totems, and some daggers, a Leper Gnome visits briefly, but he started getting body parts all over so I had to give him the boot. Mana Tide Totem nets them a couple cards, I have to blow Blade Flurry to get rid of it. Game starts looking pretty bad for me, enemy plays a Frostwolf Warlord and the only thing I can do is copy it with Faceless Manipulator, they trade the Warlords, and play a Boulderfist Ogre. A bit later a Totemic Call activation plops a Stone Claw Totem into play and prevents me from answer his Boulderfist. 2-2

That was rough, I received quite the beating.

Game five I battle a Paladin, cram those first cards back in the deck and get a miserable hand.

They start the game off with Undertaker, and I have to play a Defias Renegade to take it out, end up having to also stab at it. The enemy gets an aggressive start, and removes the next few minions I play. Sword of Justice does a lot of work for them. Able to get some momentum, get Boulderfist Ogre and Molten Giant on the board. Holy Wrath and a Truesilver Champion attack takes out the Ogre, then Archmage and Blessing of Kings kills Molten Giant. So much for that. They build up their board some more while I ping at them with dagger. I do get very close when they’re at 9 health with Shadowstep and Wolfrider, but I draw a Backstab, was hoping to see one of the two Deadly Poisons or two Eviscerates left in the deck. So I end at 2-3.

Worst I’ve done is a while and the pack I got was pretty bad, but playing was enjoyable. Remember that’s all that matters is fun, at least that’s what people tell me.